Buzzstop 2020

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The date for our 24-hour user conference  is set. We are working on the final program with one goal in mind, to make Buzzstop even better than last time!  

Buzzstop 2020 takes place on the 24th - 25th March. Dont miss out!  Reserve the date.




Changes in passenger transport 

Huge global digital players have set their eyes on the transit industry and is challenging the way we think of passenger transport. 

Considering the size of investments, one or several of these mastodonts will likely have a significant impact on the industry. It will perhaps transform the entire competition structure and the needed capabilities of existing operators.

In other words, prepare for huge and lasting changes. At Trapeze we are constantly looking to the future and working dilligently to make our solutions more intuitive and competitive by using state-of-the-art algorithms.

Use Buzzstop 2020 to get inspired and to talk to us, colleagues and even competitors about the future. We are in in together!

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